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A Mnemonic Device Can Be Used

A Mnemonic Device Can Be Used The starting advancement of memory aide begins with an artist named Simonides of Ceos in fifth century B.C. This mental aide designed by the Greeks for memory preparing around 2500 years prior. The Greek verse artist Simonides, conceived in 556 B.C., is ascribed with creating memory helpers. His creation have extraordinary advantage thought us, numerous individuals achievement is on the grounds that utilizing this mental aide technique. There do numerous sorts of memory aides gadget exist and which type works best is restricted uniquely by the creative mind of every individual student. Here are the 9 essential sorts of mental aides gadget introduced in this paper incorporate Music, Name, Expression/Word, Model, Ode/Rhyme, Note Organization, Image, Connection, and Spelling Mnemonics. Mental aides are memory gadgets that assist students with recollecting bigger parts of data, particularly as records like qualities, steps, stages, parts, stages, and so on. Mental aides gadget attempt to change data into a structure that the human cerebrum can recall superior to its unique structure. In spite of the fact that the way toward applying this change may as of now help the exchange of data to long haul memory however this is still advantage to student. The memory aide generally training for records and in auditoryâ form, for example, short poems,â acronyms, or noteworthy expressions, yet mental helpers can likewise be for different sorts of data and in visual or sensation structures. This gadget use depends on the assessment that the human mind all the more effectively recollects many type of data. In our day by day, we need to recall everything. In school, we need to recall all the information about subject; in work environment, we need to recollect all the data about our errand, so as to recollect this whole thing we need to discover what strategy can upgrade our memory. In my model, I am scarcely to spell â€Å"mnemonic†, so I utilize the idea of memory helpe r and make my assertion, which is â€Å"Mnemonic Notes Effective Memorized on New Ideas Creativity†. From my creation, I realize that each first letter for each word is â€Å"Mnemonic†. Utilizing this strategy, we not exclusively can explain those troublesome words and furthermore can recollect it. Memory aide assume a significant job in our day by day life, despite the fact that it is significant, it despite everything has their confinements or points of interest and hindrances. For the upside of memory helpers is it give a strategy to assist us with reviewing those data which is hard to recall. Besides, it include modifying or rebuilding data that help our customize data to turn into a brilliant student. Other than that, it likewise builds our enthusiasm to concentrate by making my approach to learn with data. In conclusion, mental aides will assist us with investing less energy in recovering our data in long haul memory when we appropriately use it. Next to favorabl e circumstances, memory aides likewise have some confinement. In the event that an individual uses mental aides too much of the time, the person will have disarray on their learning procedure. For instance, we utilize memory aide to recollect troublesome word, however the person in question who too broadly utilizing mental aide will utilize this strategy on each word regardless of the word is troublesome or not. This difficult will happen on the individuals who also depend on memory aides. Moreover, this memory aide need more opportunity to rehearse, make and learn. On the off chance that somebody despite everything can't comprehend the training, which imply that the person in question is simply sitting around idly to rehearse it.

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Free Essays on Mencius

We are totally influenced by our environmental factors and encounters, as these are the key structure obstructs on which we see our reality. It isn't unexpected, at that point, that two of Confucius⠁f most recognized supporters, Mencius and Xunzi, hold two altogether different perspectives on Human Nature. Despite the fact that the Confucian logician Mencius didn't live during an especially tranquil time in Chinese historyhe was a voyaging guide during the Warring States time frame, enduring from 403 until 221 BCEthe time during which Xunzi (an individual from the accompanying age of Confucian researchers) lived was a lot darker and more bloody as he saw the wars paving the way to the Qin lines triumph in the late third century which where  galmost indefinably merciless [as] the interests encompassing them [were] frequently strongly bitter.⠁h While Confucian never observed the need to make his considerations on the character of human instinct unambiguously clear, demanding that  gby nature men are a lot of the equivalent, [and that] it is through training that they float apart,⠁h his adherents, Mencius and Xunzi, have tended to the inquiry significantly more obviously. The previous accepted that man was inclined to acceptable, and if a few people meandered from the correct way and went to fiendish, it was on the grounds that outside impacts has  gperverted their hearts.⠁h He kept up that there exists a characteristic propensity for goodness, as unavoidable as the regular inclination of water to stream descending, (Mencius, 6A.3) and that individuals increase a characteristic feeling of joy from acting ethically. He puts a lot more prominent accentuation on the intrinsic decency of human instinct, which he demands is the endowment of Heaven to every single man. Additionally Mencius attempts to  grecall and e xpand the Confucian thought of ren, or altruism and the rule of yi, or rightness.⠁h Xunzi then again demands that Human Nature is characteristically underhanded. He thought; individuals' common propensities are degenerate, and good training runs against t... Free Essays on Mencius Free Essays on Mencius The thoughts and hypotheses that both Mencius and Hzun Tzu held involved to whether man’s nature was acceptable or fiendish. Mencius guaranteed that human instinct was normally acceptable. Man was brought into the world guiltless and naã ¯ve and it was distinctly through time, war and experience that man got degenerate. In any case, Hzun Tzu felt that human instinct from birth was recolored with defilement and loaded with abhorrence and self-centeredness. Mencius and Hzun Tzu’s perspectives towards human instinct were similarly easy to refute and disputable. These two extraordinary thinkers similarly added to Confucianism and were both unmistakable authors of the Confucian conviction. Mencius’ see on man and his tendency were moralistic while Hzun Tzu’s see enveloped a more legalistic world (Liu, 2002). Hzun Tzu moved toward man through a legitimate way where a decision senator would teach the individuals. Mencius felt it important to leave choices just a s decisions to the individuals; he felt whatever ethics and qualities they have scholarly would help during the time spent legitimate dynamic. Every logician has their own unmistakable conviction with respect to the idea of human instinct those of Mencius and Hzun Tzu albeit fairly concrete as he would like to think and apparently reasonable restrict and repudiate each other. Hzun-Tzu accepted that man was naturally malevolent. Not at all like Mencius, he had little confidence in humankind and didn't feel that man could be relied upon though Mencius felt that great is found in mankind and man’s mind is at last acceptable (Shun, 2000). Hzun Tzu felt that man was brought into the world malice and it would just be through training and study that a brain quiet could rise. Mencius had a very differentiating hypothesis; he felt that the psyche was blameless and that no one but man could obliterate what was unadulterated. The standards of Hzun Tzu restrict the conventions thought and instructed by the Confucius confidence. Confucian devotees are to accept that man is acceptable and in no way, shape or form malevolent or awful. The Book of Mencius makes reference to how if ... Free Essays on Mencius We are completely influenced by our environmental factors and encounters, as these are the crucial structure hinders on which we see our reality. It isn't unexpected, at that point, that two of Confucius⠁f most recognized supporters, Mencius and Xunzi, hold two totally different perspectives on Human Nature. In spite of the fact that the Confucian savant Mencius didn't live during an especially quiet time in Chinese historyhe was a voyaging counselor during the Warring States time frame, enduring from 403 until 221 BCEthe time during which Xunzi (an individual from the accompanying age of Confucian researchers) lived was a lot darker and more crimson as he saw the wars paving the way to the Qin traditions triumph in the late third century which where  galmost incredibly fierce [as] the interests encompassing them [were] regularly seriously bitter.⠁h While Confucian never observed the need to make his musings on the character of human instinct unambiguously clear, demanding that  gby nature men are a lot of the equivalent, [and that] it is through training that they float apart,⠁h his adherents, Mencius and Xunzi, have tended to the inquiry substantially more unmistakably. The previous accepted that man was inclined to acceptable, and if a few people meandered from the correct way and went to fiendish, it was on the grounds that outer impacts has  gperverted their hearts.⠁h He kept up that there exists a characteristic inclination for goodness, as unavoidable as the regular propensity of water to stream descending, (Mencius, 6A.3) and that individuals increase a characteristic feeling of delight from acting ethically. He puts a lot more prominent accentuation on the inborn decency of human instinct, which he demands is the endowment of Heaven to every single man. Additionally Mencius attempts to  grecall and augmen t the Confucian thought of ren, or altruism and the rule of yi, or rightness.⠁h Xunzi then again demands that Human Nature is inalienably insidious. He thought; individuals' regular propensities are degenerate, and good training runs against t...

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Effective Tips for Writing Research Paper like a Pro

Effective Tips for Writing Research Paper like a Pro How to Succeed in Writing a Research Paper Students, who are unfamiliar and inexperienced with academic writing, often feel confused and anxious when they are assigned to write a research paper. Becoming a strong writer in any field of knowledge takes a lot of time and a great deal of practice. Besides, writing research paper can be often messy and doesn’t look like a straight linear process as it is described in any step by step research paper writing guide. Research paper writing is one of the most difficult activities, so to help you overcome these difficulties and make the whole writing process easier, we have gathered here some useful tips for writing research paper that are sure to help you feel more confident. Research papers are the most common assignments that students have to write in practically all college classes every semester, even in science, math or dance courses. A research paper is a piece of academic writing where you have to present your analysis of the theoretical and substantial information that you have learned in the process of in-depth research. Research papers in different academic disciplines may vary in the exact format, but usually, the most common parts are: Abstract Introduction Literature Review Methodology Findings/Results Conclusion/Discussion References Sometimes, before you start working on your research paper, your instructor may assign you the task of writing a proposal for a research paper in which you have to present and explain the importance of studying a certain research problem and define the practical ways in which your study should be performed. A successful research proposal should show your profound knowledge of the topic and your great enthusiasm for performing a study. Academic writing is hard and if you want to succeed in it, you should develop good writing habits. Keep in mind that no one can create a strong college paper in just one draft on the night when the research paper is due. The following tips for writing a research paper cannot guarantee you a good research paper, but they will help you eliminate the most serious problems that are common for poor papers. Choose a topic as soon as you get the assignment and think critically to make a good research question. Give yourself enough time for doing a research. You should have time to finish your paper even if something goes wrong, for example, you have to wait for a book or an article until it is available in the library, or your computer may crash and you will need time to recover the lost data. Start working with a good outline that divides the task into smaller parts which may seem less daunting. Stick to one key idea which you should state in a sentence or in a paragraph. Provide strong argument and convincing evidence to support your thesis statement. Make several drafts. First drafts are usually rough, bad-written, and plagued with confusions and omissions. Second drafts cannot be called perfect either. The best research papers are usually rewritten several times. Always proofread your final copy and fix grammar and spelling errors and typos. An uncorrected paper says to the reader that you’re sloppy and do not care about your project. If you do not care about your research paper, why should your reader? Such rules may seem too demanding but they teach you self-discipline and ensure you achieve good results. The Process of Writing an Abstract for a Research Paper An abstract is a short piece of writing (usually one paragraph of 200-300 words) that describes a larger project, its content, and scope and identifies the project’s objective, methods, findings, and conclusions. Actually, an abstract is a concise summary of your research paper, it offers a preview and presents key points that can help your audience decide whether your entire work is worth reading so you should do your best to write it well. Abstracts vary in format from discipline to discipline, so when you are writing a literature research paper, psychology research paper or research paper in biology, you abstracts will differ in structure, but all of them should include four types of information: State the main objective of a project Outline the methods you used to achieve your goals List your project’s results Draw conclusions Although abstract is included in a research paper as the first section, it is written last because it summarizes the entire content. To write an abstract, you should take key phrases or full sentences from every section and organize them as a summary of your research paper by adding transition words and phrases to make it cohesive and clear. To make your abstract the most effective, you should use the following stylistic techniques: Avoid specialized technical vocabulary (jargon) to communicate your ideas to a broader audience Use clear, concise, but complete sentences Always use the past tense because you’re describing what you have already done Try to use the active voice in your sentences when possible A research paper is an arduous and time-consuming task. It is challenging because it requires strong analytical, research, and critical thinking skills of which not all of us can boast. Many students may face difficulties at any stages of the writing process, for example, when choosing a topic or writing a hypothesis for a research paper or a tricky methodology section. But there is no need to get frustrated â€" you can get qualified writing help on our college research paper writing service. Our expert writers can create perfect model research papers on any topic and help you get better grades.

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Essay on Slavery - 1136 Words

Slavery The representative government begins with the House of Burguess. The house of Burguess as the legislature was called; they first met on July 30, 1619 in a little church in Jamestown to write the laws of Virginia. The house of Burguess remained in existence even after James I took control of Virginia. At that time there were eleven settlements in the colony. Each of them elected two, burguesses, as representatives were called. In 1964 James I cancelled the charter of the Virginia Company, thus making Virginia a royal colony. The tobacco cultivation assures Virginia’s success, which was another unanticipated development was the discovery that raising tobacco was a profitable way to make a living. In 1612 Captain John†¦show more content†¦By 1651 there were about 300 Africans in Virginia’s population of 15000. By 1640 some black servants were forced to serve their indentures for life. Slaveholders were given increasing control as the personal and civil freedom of black people, which was more and more restricted. Finally, as the 1700’s opened, the English were becoming heavily involved in the profitable slave trade, until then a monopoly of Spain. The demand for slaves increases because of labor shortage. Another response was the importation of African slaves. Slave trading itself mocked the high ideals on which so many of the colonies which had been founded. For the suffering of slaves the torment was often made worse by the fact that they came from different places of Africa. Some Africans tried to escape their mystery by starving themselves to death aboard the ships. Accustomed to agricultural work in Africa, they became indispensable to the colonial economy. Those Africans who survived the Atlantic crossing were quickly taken in hand and taught the tasks they would have to perform in America. It is estimated that 2/3 of the slaves captured in Africa never survived to land in America. The American Revolution cut off trade with England. Debate whether slavery is still necessary with the decline of agriculture. Southerners needed a new crop to make farming profitable. They grew cotton in small amounts.Show MoreRelatedSlavery And The Slavery Of Slavery Essay2080 Words   |  9 PagesThere has been an ongoing debate on whether Christianity condoned or condemned slavery. In this essay, I will discuss how slave owners used biblical context to uphold the institution of slavery. I will begin analyzing scriptures in the bible that pertain to slavery. It is in my belief that the Bible did not condone slavery in the way that slave owners upheld slavery. I do not argue against that there were not slaves by bondage but they were not enslaved against their will but through the will ofRead MoreSlavery And Its Effects On Slavery Essay1202 Words   |  5 Pages This was the period of post-slavery, early twentieth century, in southern United States where blacks were still treated by whites inhumanly and cruelly, even after the abolition laws of slavery of 1863. They were still named as ‘color’. Nothing much changed in African-American’s lives, though the laws of abolition of slavery were made, because now the slavery system became a way of life. The system was accepted as destiny. So the whites also got license to take disadvantages and started exploitingRead MoreSlavery And Its Effects On Slavery999 Words   |  4 Pagesresearch and taking the Slavery footprint quiz I realized just how much my life and lifestyle depended on slavery. I, like most people, do not think about where my clothes came from or where the diamond in the engagement ring came from; subsequently, I alone depend on 43 slaves. 43 individuals somewhere in the world are being forced to work or work for little to nothing. I cried after reading about prese nt time slavery because like most people in today’s age, I believed slavery ended in President Lincoln’sRead MoreSlavery And The Slavery Of Slavery933 Words   |  4 Pages Slavery, up to this point has progressively gotten weaker. In 1787 slavery is made illegal in the northwest territory. In 1793 Eli Whitney made the cotton gin making the demand for slaves increase. In 1820 the missouri compromise was written to ban slavery in all states above the northern missouri border. In the year 1831 Preacher Nat Turner starts a rebellion that is known to be the largest slave uprising in American History. also that year William Lloyd Garrison started publishing the LiberatorRead MoreSlavery And The Slavery Of Slavery Essay1742 Words   |  7 Pagesto resist their masters, and the institution of slavery in a subtle or a suicidal way. The visions of freedom varied throughout time periods and regions; in 1739, you have the Stono Rebellion, people used laws to argue their cases o f injustice, such as Emanuel Pieterson and Dorothy Angola, who fought for the freedom of their child and David Walker, Frederick Douglass and Harriet Jacob who used literature to speak against the institution of slavery. Another aspect was that freedom had a differentRead MoreSlavery And The Abolition Of Slavery1166 Words   |  5 Pagesmain issue of controversy that contributed to the split of the Union: slavery. Lincoln explicitly expressed that slavery should be abolished for several reasons, recognizing the practice as an extreme violation of human rights and American republicanism. Despite his advocacy for abolishment, Lincoln’s politics on racial justice were still problematic. While Abraham Lincoln recognizes basic human rights, and advocates that slavery is an obvious violation of these basic principles, I argue and characterizeRead MoreThe Slavery Of African Slavery1128 Words   |  5 PagesSlavery is one of the most inhumane acts the world has ever known. African s were kidnapped and forced into slavery by Europeans; they were separated from their families and forced to work on plantations. They were placed in unbearable conditions and the prevalent racism attached onto this system fueled the mistreatment and oppression of black people for years to come. The origins of the widespread African slavery in America as we know today started in early colonial America when people needed cheapRead MoreSlavery, Racism, And Slavery Essay1779 Words   |  8 PagesSlavery began before racism in North America. To prove this I will provide an analysis of chronological events that displayed acts of slavery and racism. With that being said, Initially I will be delving into the earliest implementations of slavery in North America. That being Jamestown Virginia 1619. Secondly, analysing an extract from 1655, where an African man named Anthony Johnson claimed to own another black individual, John Casor as his property. Subsequently, moving onto Winthrop D Jord anRead MoreThe Slavery Of Slavery And Slavery944 Words   |  4 Pagescondemn slavery. The South also used religion as their argument, but instead, they used the Bible to argue that slavery was an acceptable part of life. People have questioned whether it was right or wrong of the South to use the bible to support their beliefs in slavery. Some would say that pro-slavery southerners had every right to use the Bible to support their beliefs. When Northerners began to use the Bible against slavery, southerners used this same argument to support it. Slavery was a practiceRead MoreSlavery : Slavery And Slavery901 Words   |  4 PagesSlavery in America started in 1619 when settlers brought over African Americans to Jamestown, Virginia. The slaves came to Jamestown to work on the tobacco plantations. The slaves were also sent to other colonies such as South Carolina to work on the cotton plantations. Slaves were people who worked for no pay. This caused the land owners to make more profit from their plantations because they didn’t have to pay their workers. Southern slave owners, specifically in South Carolina, relied on slavery

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Promote Product Essay - 1062 Words

Introduction We are introducing monster energy drink. Monster Energy drink is a soft drink advertised as boosting energy. This drink usually does not emphasize energy derived from the calories. They contain, but rather through a choice of caffeine, vitamins, and herbal supplements the manufacturer has combined. The special herbs and ingredients used in this energy drink are mostly from Chinese herb stock. We targeted both gender male amp; female and we used most effective techniques for our product and services with proper reasons. Product profile Monster energy drink†¦show more content†¦Other common ingredients are ginseng, carbonated water, and glucuronolactone. Some contain high levels of sugar, and many brands also offer artificially-sweetened diet versions. The central ingredient in most energy drinks is caffeine, the same stimulant found in coffee or tea, often in the form of guarana. (1) The Advertising Act: - It’s an act show us the meaning of what real advertising is. It’s establishes general requirements for advertising, restrictions on advertising and their extent. But still we need regular supervision for advertising so we can establish liability for violation of this Act. For the purposes of this Act, information which is made public for the purpose of increasing the sale of products or services, promoting an event or idea, or achieving other desired results in other areas. (2) The Fair Acting Act: - The Fair Trading Act 1987 (the Act) regulates the conduct of traders in Western Australia and imposes laws that prohibit unfair trading practices that harm consumers and other traders. It also establishes systems for regulating product safety and information standards and enables codes of practice to be developed to assist both traders and consumers in their dealings. (3) Adv.Selling and trading practices act: - The Trade Practices Act aimsShow MoreRelatedPromote products and services2598 Words   |  11 Pagesï » ¿ASSESSMENT: BSBMKG413A – Promote Products and Services Assessment Activity 1. Consider this scenario. Eden Beauty the organisation you work for wants you to create an advertisement or plan a promotional activity for a new range of skin care products. They have stipulated the following requirements 1. The ad or promo activity should focus on the organisations reputation for providing luxury products made from all natural ingredients. 2. The advertisement should be pale pink and black 3. You shouldRead MoreAn Advertisement Is Used To Promote A Message Or A Product.994 Words   |  4 Pages An advertisement is used to promote a message or a product. Some examples of advertisements are commercials, images, and billboards. Many advertisements can have deeper messages behind them. An ad in 1945 by the Aluminum Cooking Utensil company is promoting a new aluminum pressure cooker , but targets married housewives by manipulating them into thinking the product will help them keep their husbands happy. The top half of the advertisement is an image of a women holding a man s face to kissRead MorePromote Products And Services For International Markets1653 Words   |  7 PagesPromote products and services to international markets Assessment Task 2: Project – Plan promotional activities Part A: Plan and conduct promotional activities 5 key information sources that can assist you to plan promotional activities in the identified country. Information sources Summarization Culture: https://geert-hofstede.com/ This website demonstrate different cultural dimension by various countries. IT could compare one country to another. This dimension include Power Distance Index (PDI)Read MoreWhat Is The Best Way / S Promote The Product Or Service? Essay1643 Words   |  7 Pages § What is the best way/s to promote the product or service? †¢ sales promotion: †¢ As a result the promotion is very successful; the promotion can bring a lot of customer to the market. Having updated reminders on Facebook about your salon and the current events going on within your business will actually help customers remember who you are and why they chose you in the first place. Daily posts and updates are a habit that will successfully draw new business to your Facebook pages and eventually toRead MoreAre Americans Have Good Life Style Than Chinese?987 Words   |  4 Pagesthat happened? The research shows that more than two-thirds (68.8 percent) of adults are considered to be overweight or obese in U.S.; On the other hand, there are only 15% adults consider as obesity in China. In the article â€Å"When Good Celebrities Promote Bad Foods† Sifferlin Alexandra states that celebrities’ promotion of unhealthy food and drinks. For instance, â€Å"Beyonce and Shaquille O’Neal, both of whom also endorse sodas, which are a major cont ributor to the obesity epidemic†(2). As we all knowRead MoreThe Importance Of Social Media Marketing?1323 Words   |  6 Pagesbecome your potential prospects. Your services are merely a single search away. Promote your business or product as a serious product. This technology provides you access to virtually the whole world and all its inhabitants. They are there to read and share anything that you have to say. This is your chance to establish an image for yourself that Hey! I am here to do business and I am serious about the product or services that I provide. Brings you closer to thousands of people without muchRead MoreResearch and Development and Financial Performance of UK Manufacturing Firms821 Words   |  4 Pagesextensive variety of business types. Research and Development can be defined as the scientific investigation necessary to discover new products and the process of bringing these products onto the market. A manufacturing firm, which generally refers to a business that makes or processes raw or semi processed materials into either a finished product or further processed materials, by using large-scale mass production by means of automation and production lines. Manufacturing firmsRead MoreA Better Location Based Advertising Framework869 Words   |  4 PagesThe article suggests that personalization is the key to gaining sales amidst the marketing message deluge and that buyers now demand timely, pertinent information. In the survey, consumers named reducing unwanted advertising, quickly learning about products and simplifying shopping as major personalization benefits. However, shoppers and advertisers have yet to find common ground on what defines personalization. Marketing Dive suggests beginning with understanding the buyer across all shopping environmentsRead MoreEssay on Retail Marketing Image Study2601 Words   |  11 Pages1.0 Introduction The most common type of retail store is the supermarket variety which provide a wide range of goods and services such as food, laundry, household product, liquor and petrol. This category of retails continues to develop its facilities and services such as convenient locations, store atmosphere, variety of products, trading hours etc in order to attract and hold their customers. Woolworth and ALDI in Glendale are two retail stores covered in the subsequent report. Although bothRead MoreZara Is A Non Domestic Retailer Company Essay3209 Words   |  13 Pagesconsumers. As such, Zara has focused its attempts on the evolving and developing consumer-oriented product lines as it strives in meeting the needs of customers of different income and age. The middle-aged parents purchase clothes at the retail stores because they are cheap while the children purchase merchandise from the stores for it is trendy and fashionable. The company has a wide array of clothing and product lines as per t he market needs. The company has a distinct fashion approach and constant response

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Hotel Rwanda Free Essays

After seeing the footage that Jack Daglish shot of Interamwe soldiers murdering innocent Tutsis, Paul hopes that the footage will be sent out and encourage people to stop these terrible acts of violence. However, that is not the type of world we live in. Unfortunately, we live in a world where if people are content with their lives, then they do not care about the struggles that other people are facing. We will write a custom essay sample on Hotel Rwanda or any similar topic only for you Order Now We say that man is a choosing animal, however most of the time we only choose to do things based on how it will affect us. We have the ability to help other people out who are struggling, but instead we choose to live in a Teflon cocoon. When we are living in a Teflon cocoon, we are denying that we as humans can do something to stop other humans from suffering. In this case, human beings were denying that they could go out and help the Tutsis who were being persecuted in Rwanda. People were only caring about getting on with their own lives and not helping out others who really needed other people to be there for them. When Daglish says, â€Å"I think if people see this footage they’ll say, ‘Oh my God that’s horrible,’ and then go on eating their dinners,† this is a precise example of people living in Teflon cocoons. It has somehow gotten in our human nature that we should only worry about our own well-being and not care about others who are in danger. Human beings around the world are not living in the web of human relations. They are mainly living inside their own separate Teflon cocoons not worried about the world outside their city or town. If we want to thrive as human beings, we must take responsibility to help each other out in times of need. If we would do that, we would be truly living in the web of human relations. Even Paul is not fully living in the web of human relations in the beginning of the movie. At first, he is only worried about saving his immediate family. He then branches out to help save all of his family and eventually his neighbors. Then when gets back to his hotel, he breaks completely out of his Teflon cocoon and comes to the aid of all Tutsis. The people depended on Paul to let them stay in his hotel as a kind of refugee camp. People around the world lost sight of their moral ecology because they did not believe it would benefit themselves to help the people in Rwanda. We as human beings need to realize that we are interdependent on each other. Not only should we depend on other people, but they should depend on us as well. When people are living inside of Teflon cocoons, they only worry about either depending on themselves, or depending on others but not letting others depend on them. Paul only realized that he must break out of his Teflon cocoon when a time of emergency showed up. Unfortunately, that is what it takes for most people to believe in the true meaning of interdependence. If only most of the world would realize what the word means before a time of emergency hit, we could live in a much more peaceful earth and have faith in our fellow human beings. I do not believe our world will ever come to that stage, but we should at least try and break out of our Teflon cocoons and start showing others that we are there for them. Maybe then a domino effect will happen and everyone will realize that we are all there for each other. How to cite Hotel Rwanda, Essay examples Hotel Rwanda Free Essays Roberto Cutout. It was released into the United States on December 22, 2004, but it released elsewhere in the world throughout 2005. The three main stars of the movie were Don Cheated, who plays Paul Reassigning the hotel manager, Sophie Conned, who plays Titian Reassigning, Pall’s wife, and Nick Molten who plays Colonel Oliver, the United Nations peacekeeper. We will write a custom essay sample on Hotel Rwanda or any similar topic only for you Order Now I watched this movie about a week ago on July 27th with a few of my friends who are also taking this course. The movie is not part of a series, but it is based on a true story. It is inspired by the novel An Ordinary Man by Paul Reassigning and Hotel Rwanda: Bringing the True Story of an African Hero to Film by Keri Pearson and Terry George. In Rwanda, there are two main ethnic groups, the Tutsis and the Huts , who are constantly fighting for power and control of Rwanda. Genocide constantly cleanses Rwanda streets as people turn away in fear. Paul Reassigning is a hotel manager for the Hotel Des Mille Isoclines in Kigali, Rwanda. He being a Hut helps his family and other people they know, most Tutsis like his wife, take refuge from the Hut army in his hotel. Before they even reach the hotel, they get taken by the Huts and Paul has to pay General Beginning one hundred thousand Francs to spare the lives of his Tutsis friends that first took shelter in their home and another ten thousand Francs for his wife and kids’ lives. As they try to settle the few amounts of people they have in the hotel already plus the current guests, the Red Cross and other Huts and Tutsis arrive at the hotel taking refuge adding the total from one hundred to over eight hundred Rwanda. As the genocide increases, the Europeans staying at the hotel are flown out of Rwanda by the United Nations and sent back home to avoid the danger. Paul tries to get help from the Belgians and the French after the fighting grows, but the countries refuse to get themselves caught up in Rwanda problems. The U. N. Sakes a list of refugees able to leave the country and attempt to take them on trucks across the border, but Tutsis rebels ambush the trucks forcing them to return to the hotel. Paul and his family later get to escape to a U. N. Refugee camp where they find Titan’s nieces, but her brother and sister-in-law nowhere to be found. They end up crossing past the rebel nine and drive to their new home in Tanzania, away from the war. In ten years, one million Rwanda, both Hut and Tutsis, were left for dead because of the genocide and hatred between these two ethnic groups. Which I believe is an unreasonably irrational thing to happen all due to hatred between human beings. The characters in â€Å"Hotel Rwanda† are based on real people and events that actually happened in Rwanda during the sass. Paul Reassigning was a real person that actually took care of hundreds of people in his hotel in Kigali, Rwanda. The people played in the film were accurate as to the real situation in the sass. The dates in the film were also right. Some online people, mostly Rwanda, say that the movie does not tell the story of the genocide correctly as it happened. These sources are not official since they are only people of Rwanda that live there and claim they fully and correctly know the story of the genocide and what happened with Paul Reassigning and his family. The events in the film were based on true events that happened in Rwanda during the sass, ending in 1994. â€Å"Hotel Rwanda† was mainly filmed on the spot in Kigali, Rwanda and Johannesburg, South Africa. The Hotel Des Mille Isoclines set was filmed in South Africa, but the original Hotel Des Mille Isoclines is located in Kigali, Rwanda. The scenes showing the city streets and most fighting scenes are shot in Kigali. The camp scenes along with some road scenes were filmed in South Africa. These locations were shown very accurately since they filmed part of the movie in the actual city where the movie takes place. The movie was filmed during 2004 and it released on December 22, 2004. The wardrobes of the people shown in the film are accurately represented like the Huts, Tutsis, and militias wore during the sass in Rwanda. The ears and clothes of the people were portrayed very well as to how they were back then. The producers did a great Job of showing the time period during the movie Just by the clothes the actors wore. All around this movie was accurately shot and shown as the real actual thing. â€Å"Hotel Rwanda† was a very dampening movie because of the killing of innocent people and children, but it was very good. The actors were great, especially Don Cheated, playing Paul Reassigning, the most important role in the movie. The strongest points in the movie were how real they represented and filmed the Unicode as well as the emotions in the characters throughout each scene. The weakest point in the movie, I believe, is the ending where it ends with the Russianness on the road after they got off the bus. I was curious why they didn’t show the rest of their Journey to their new home in Tanzania and what happens after they get there. Which is most likely due to the length of the movie, which is understandable. It was kind of like a cliff hanger for me, so I did not really like the ending as much as I expected I would. I also enjoyed how the movie rose to a great lima and then stayed at a climax for a while until it dived towards the end once the family reached the U. N. Camp. The movie really kept me on â€Å"the edge of my seat† throughout the whole thing . After watching â€Å"Hotel Rwanda†, I was well aware of what happened with the Hut and Tutsis genocide. I did not realize how much damage was caused in Just one hundred days of the killings. The movie would have been better if it continued on about the Russianness’ lives in Tanzania and how they managed to survive. I would definitely recommend â€Å"Hotel Rwanda† to anyone that enjoys watching historic events that keep you on the edge of your seat. How to cite Hotel Rwanda, Papers Hotel Rwanda Free Essays Textual Analysis: Hotel Rwanda (Terry George, 2004) The horrible evidence of what Kant variously called the wickedness, corruption and perversity of the human heart is, unfortunately, not encountered only in memory, it is also met with among our current experiences. We are daily obliged to witness fresh atrocities as ethnic and racial hatreds seek to express themselves in the annihilation of their proponents’ enemies. Copjec, 1996;9) The above quote effectively demonstrates that debates on evil are not only still suitable for the issues emerging in a post-modern world, but are perhaps more suitable than ever before. We will write a custom essay sample on Hotel Rwanda or any similar topic only for you Order Now The film which I will be discussing, Hotel Rwanda (2004), relates the true story of Paul Rusesabagina, a man who sheltered over a thousand refugees in the hotel he managed during the Rwandan genocide of 1994. The film is useful as a focus point for the discussion of evil since the situation surrounding the events that took place during those months are often referred to in terms of evil – not only on the part of the Hutu militia that perpetrated the atrocities, but also of the international community and the UN in particular, which did not intervene to stop the massacre – and it would be useful to analyse a couple of key points in this film more closely. After World War II, it was believed that the genocide perpetrated by the Nazis would never be allowed to happen again, but events in Yugoslavia and Rwanda, to name but two examples, have proven that the potential for acts of evil of this magnitude to occur are not specific to one culture or even to a place in time, but are expressions of – to use the words of Immanuel Kant – ‘a natural propensity to evil’ (1960;20) that is embedded in the human race. It might therefore prove useful to turn to psychoanalysis for a partial explanation with regards to how it is possible for people to change their behaviour in such radical ways, readily adopting new moral maxims that often oppose their previously adopted ones. According to Freud, when in a group situation, ‘the individual gives up his ego ideal and substitutes for it the group ideal as embodied in the leader’ The other members of the group are, according to this theory, ‘carried away with the rest by ‘suggestion’, that is to say, by means of identification’ (1921;161-162). According to this theory, the group – small or large – surrenders its free will to that of the leader, which makes them less likely to make their own moral judgements with regards to their actions and more likely to blindly follow the leader as well as the other members of their group. The issues of identity and legitimisation are also crucial to understanding how the Hutus felt justified in brutally murdering their former friends and neighbours. As is explained in the film, tensions between Tutsis and Hutus were virtually nonexistent prior to the arrival of the Belgian colonists. The two ethnic groups are actually very similar – they speak the same language, inhabit the same areas and follow the same traditions†¦It was the Belgian colonists who saw Hutus and Tutsis as ‘distinct entities, and even produced identity cards classifying people according to their ethnicity’ (BBC News Website). In other words, there were no violent issues of ethnic di fference until the Tutsis were made – to use the definition provided by Richard Kearney – into â€Å"aliens†. For Kearney, this term refers to ‘that experience of alterity associated with selection†¦or sometimes with suspicion’ (2000;101). He goes on to say that ‘Aliens proliferate where anxieties loom as to who we are and how we demarcate ourselves from others (who are not us)’ (2000;102). This means that, in order to legitimise their own identity, groups must necessarily create a group of ‘aliens’ with whom they can misidentify. The tendency to use members of this group as scapegoats and perceive them as threats is clearly demonstrated in the build-up to the Rwanda massacre. As the economic situation in the country worsened, Tutsis were used to divert anger from the Hutu government. Subsequently, when the airplane carrying the Rwandan president Juvenal Habyarimana was shot down, the incident was used to make Hutus feel as if they were under attack. As one Hutu – who actively took part in the massacre – later relates; ‘Because the RPF were blamed for the death of President Habyarimana, we thought that they had started with the high-ranking officials and that they were going to end up doing the same to us ordinary people’ (BBC News Website). In other words, ‘When faced with a threatening outsider, the best mode of defence becomes attack’ (Kearney, 2000;104). The other side of evil as portrayed in the film, however, is the international community’s failure to act. The UN soldiers in Rwanda are portrayed as good people who have their hands tied, yet their refusal to go against their orders is portrayed almost as cowardice in that they are failing to ‘do what is right’ and use their weapons in order to save lives. In a scene where the UN convoy – transporting refugees from the hotel to a secure camp – gets stopped at a militia roadblock, the refugees’ lives are in dire peril, and the fact that the soldiers will not shoot the Hutus that are about to kill unarmed men, women and children stands for what is now widely thought of as shameful unwillingness of the Western nations to recognise and stop the genocide. The outcome of this particular scene is that the UN soldiers do not use their weapons but most of the refugees are saved by the belatedly arrived local police force. The outcome of the lack of intervention from Western nations was the death of an estimated 1 million people. The crucial question for the purpose of this paper is whether the actions of those soldiers were evil. It could be argued that if they had used their guns against their explicit orders, many lives could have been saved, but it could also be said, on the other hand, that this act would have give the hostile militias a justification to kill the UN soldiers as well, which would have saved even fewer lives. In determining the evil nature of actions or people, should we consider first and foremost the intention or the consequence of action? It might prove useful at this point to outline a practical definition of morals in contrast to ethics in relation to this particular example. I would argue that morals are result-orientated whilst ethics in the true Kantian sense are interested solely in the consistent obedience of the law, a maxim which once adopted by an individual must be followed for its own sake, regardless of consequence or relative circumstances. Whilst morals must consider a situation in light not only of the law, but also taking into account the surrounding circumstances and possible outcomes, ethics dictate that anything short of upholding the law for the law’s sake is evil. Within this framework it is then possible to argue that the soldier’s actions were ethical but not moral. While it would have been impossible for them not to consider the outcome of their action, we could conclude that their decision to uphold the law overrode their need to help the refugees. Operating under a law that dictated that they would not use their weapons to protect the refugees, going against that would be – in Kantian terms – evil, as they would be breaking the law, and even if countless lives were saved as a result of that, Kant’s unforgiving sense of ethics would not spare them in the least, for the outcome of actions simply does not feature in his theoretical framework. By choosing to uphold the law the soldiers fulfil another crucial requirement of Kantian ethical behaviour (or as he calls it, the ‘moral law’); the categorical imperative. In stating that one should never act except in such a way that they should will that their maxim should become universal law, Kant established that the most important factor of his ethics is consistency, as no double standards can be tolerated. It would seem reasonable to assume that the moral maxim of the soldiers in question is that violence without due procedure and full backing of the law is never justifiable. With that in mind, it could be argued that they would be happy to see that moral maxim adopted as universal law, since a world in which this maxim was universally adopted would most probably not have seen the Rwanda genocide taking place. BIBLIOGRAPHY Copjec, J. (1996) (Ed. ) Radical Evil, Varso Books Freud, S. (1991) Civilization, Society and Religions: ‘Group Psychology and the Analysis of the Ego’, ‘Future of an Illusion’ and ‘Civilization and its Discontents’ (The Penguin Freud Library) Penguin Books Kant, I. 1960) Religion Within the Limits of Reason Alone, New York, Harper Collins Torchbooks, Australia Kearney, R. (2000) ‘Others and Aliens: Between Good and Evil’, in: Geddes, J. (Ed. ) Evil After Postmodernism: Histories, Narratives, and Ethics, Routledge Singer, P. (2004) The President of Good and Evil: Taking George W. Bush Seriously, London, Granta Books ‘Taken Over By Satan’ http://news. bbc. co. uk/1/hi/progr ammes/panorama/3582011. stm Accessed on 14/03/2006 ‘Rwanda: How the genocide happened’ http://news. bbc. co. uk/1/hi/world/africa/1288230. stm Accessed on 17/03/2006 How to cite Hotel Rwanda, Papers

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Bioenergy Potential Marine Biology

Question: Discuss about the Bioenergy Potential for Marine Biology. Answer: Introduction: Cork harbor is a natural harbor and river estuary currently found at the mouth of the known river Lee a place called county cork. From the results obtained the PLE species has got the first step that has been undertaken of regional assessment. The regional population of the scorpions in the second spreadsheet shows the classification into male and female of the sea scorpion. The maturation has also been depicted by the grouping of species according to the weights. The heaviest is numbered on top priority with a number one (1) starting at the top decreasing downwards as the weights reduce. Edwin (2001) stated that the biological trends in the aquatic life of Ireland harbor have been predictable for the time provided the aquatic habitats are not distorted. Common sole fish has got an accumulating weight that is increasing the same as the gutted weight hence a maturation of between three and two. There is work divided into various packages and it is to be created to revolve around the named species that faces deficiency in the data. The dab fish classification has an average weight of 82 and a gutted measurable weight of approximately 76 for all the males that have a maturity of 2 units. The dragonet species is the most productive given that it has a uniform and efficient character and maturity period of six years. The weight measured in grams shows that this aquatic species classified as a marine is able to dominate the other specie by mass and occupying a large area. The grey gurnard species has been viewed with the highest weight recorded being 45 g. The female have outnumbered the males hence there is competition in breeding for the few males and thus the maturity ranges from three to two. The common Goby species has not been doing well in this region since it has no extended maturity period hence it is unpredictable species. The scallop and Beam trawl has a mesh size code end and the location of the observer is relative to the net at time of the hauling taking place. The swell height is approximately 0.2 and the depth of 20.7m where the net was fished. Richard (1999) stated that recent changes in the distribution of two species of Asterina have been as result of the severe climatic changes and the biological developments. An average of twenty five species are caught in the ocean on a yearly basis given that there is boat moorings to gain accessibility by rib from that historic town. Within five minutes of leaving the Pontoon there is a number of inshore fishing that are found in this place which include presence of turbulent water and the shallow sandbanks, the riptides and over falls are also significant in this region. The difference between the tow sites and days has been witnessed by the grain type that has a small sample that was conducted on the longitude of 8 degrees and 51.5 N latitude time locations. Abasis (1990) stated that Bioenergy potential of eight common aquatic weeds the clay type is in deficit of sufficient nutrients and oxygen. The conditions that are required for the survival of these homogenous species are fulfilled by the fact that there is common shore crab that is double in population. Lanix 89 is also found in the fine clay region that constitutes the rest of the sample population as it has been depicted from the results. On date 11/19/2016 the tow that has been indicated from the results provided is a latitude of 51.5 N and a longitude of 8 degrees west 19. The species ranging from 1 to a number of 25 are not attacked by the parasites that are in this aquatic environment given that the survival of maturation and the GSI weight has been indicated as suitable for the circumstances. The physical geography of that is in existence at the bottom of the sea is detrimental and thus affects the invertabrates of all originality as compared to the dry land. Abrahamsson (1973) stated that the freshwater crayfish Atticus astacus in Sweden and the introduction of the American crayfish is in prevalence. Conclusion The mineralogical character of the rocks and the vegetation and other surroundings which include organisms which reside in this habitat hence there are particular families and genera that is classified in accordance to the taxonomic units. Thomas (1966) stated that Dynamics of an isolated population of the crayfish is currently being experienced in the port of Ireland. The tabular mark of the distribution on the fauna of Ireland illustrates the satisfaction factor of these exhibits the same number of asterisks from the data generated. There is comparatively poor ordnance of the species from the Northern Province as it has been showed by the tables of simple minerals. Anthony 1973 stated that on the distribution and variability of the Indo-Pacific sea star the vertebrates and invertebrates are generally distributed. References Abbasi, S., Nipaney P. 1990. Bioenergy potential of eight common aquatic weeds, Journal of Bilogical Wastes 34: 359-366. Abrahamsson, S. 1973. The freshwater crayfish Atticus astacus in Sweden and the introduction of the American crayfish, Newman press. Ireland. Thomas, K. 1966. Dynamics of an isolated population of the crayfish. Netflix press: Ireland. voir and in the lower Pilica River. XV Krajowe Seminarium Malakologiczne, Lodz, 23 Anthnony,Y. 1973 On the distribution and variability of the Indo-Pacific sea star Asterina wega (Echinodermata: Asteroidea) in the Mediterranean Sea.Journal of Marine Biology 18: 333-336. Richard, Y. 1999. Recent changes in the distribution of two species of Asterina. Current press. Asterina. Edwin, T. 2001. The biological trends in the aquatic life of Ireland harbour. Herman press. Austria.